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Kozlov on the Run

A Slegacy

Participate in the poll here! Beware, it contains spoilers from chapter 6.

Slegacy” – A sim story/legacy. That’s what this blog is.

My story is about a young, slightly naïve Irish girl named Elena, who at the age of three, had been adopted by Katarzyna and Dimitry Kozlov. Her adopted mother, Katarzyna was a great beauty and self-conscious Elena always compared herself to her mother, adding the label of “ugly” to her picture of herself in her mind in the end.

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she has a dream in which she’s the most stunning woman she’s ever seen. Too bad Elena didn’t know that becoming the version of herself from her dream would have some serious strings attached that would not only affect her, but everyone and anyone close to her.

And trust me, no matter what you think, you have no idea what’s in store for Elena.

Check out the first chapter here.

Hello all, it’s Zenna again with  my second Sims 3 Blog-thingy. I’m the author of the “completed” Adahy Legacy and now I’m back for more! But this time, it’s a story and not a legacy.  The seed of this idea was planted in my brain a while ago, and now I’m putting it into play. I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoy writing it. And don’t be afraid to comment! I love comments! 8D

This story will contain mature content. That includes swearing, drugs, sexual themes and more. I’ll post a warning when a chapter has any of those weaved into the story, but this material should not be viewed by children under 13! I’m not doing anyone under 18. I know what teens are exposed to these days and there shouldn’t be anything on here that you don’t know. Anywho, ye be warned!

I have one last thing- This does have a custom content page with new and different stuff than the Adahy’s. I’d check it out c;

~ Grace (Zenna96)